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  close Stefanus Alexander's CTB is a visual change from Bill to Bill or Receipt to bill. This ingenious method allows you to change one bill to another, One Bill To Multiples or even a store receipt to cash for the ultimate recycling! Imagine going up to a bar and buying a drink. You try to pay with a $100 bill The bartender asks "Do you have anything smaller?" You pause for a moment and then just with a shake the $100 bill visually changes in to five $20 bills which maybe be freely shown both front and back with nothing to ditch or switch. I wouldn't be surprised if you ended up getting the drink for free! Included in the pack are gimmicks for UK, USA, Europe and China CTB is easy to do and comes with a full tutorial video with multiple presentations and handlings! CTB will sit neatly in your pocket or wallet and will always be ready to go!